Minor UI Change: Changing colour of fonts on Astroport app

Hey guys, could we change the font colour to a brighter font to bring out the words in governance? It’s a little hard to see the grey text on the dark blue background. (I apologise if I quote the wrong colours, I’m a dude)

Perhaps taking a page off Anchor Protocol’s playbook on their dark mode. Check it out here.

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Think that’s fair, they are indeed hard to read


I think having Governance as a seperate tab and having xASTRO move to the old tab would also be an improvement over the current setup.

Also it would be nice to have a dropdown or a way to select/read older proposals/proposals which didn’t pass like it’s there in Anchor Protocol -


I think this is done now, you can check here: https://app.astroport.fi/governance/proposal/1

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Yep the proposal was executed! But to check it you have to manually enter the URL. There is no way to check it through UI. I think having a dropodown would be useful as you don’t have to manually enter the URL and remember the proposal number for each proposal.

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The forum is not the only place you can link to though so you need to input manually

Sorry I don’t think I am getting this point. What’s the limitation of having a way to check older proposal’s by having some sort of dropdown?

Right now to check what happened to a proposal I would have to remember the exact number or find it from somewhere and manually type that link to check. In Anchor though I can just check executed and it lists all the proposals which have been executed like this -

Much easier because when in the future Astroport would have had like 20 proposals and to find what happened to one you would have to remember it’s number or find it’s number.


I’d like to suggest another UI change to the Astroport governance. Could we have the “Current Time” with the date? Also, a countdown like “3 hours 34 minutes left” will be good.

Also, since the governance did not hit quorum, its still being listed as queued. Will it still pass?

I agree with @Archkiwi here. Actually came to the forum to make that suggestion!

The countdown doesn’t help much, the UI only estimates the deadline, it doesn’t give a precise date because the Assembly uses block numbers.