Governance Dashboard - v1

As governance within Astroport becomes more and more crucial to its development and usage,
it is important to provide the community with the tools necessary to monitor governance related activities.

By leveraging on-chain data (as of now provided by Flipside), we can look closer at how governance is distributed and utilized by the different
entities while also gaining an overall view of the health of the governance part of Astroport.

My intention is to apply for a grant to further develop and maintain the
governance dashboard I started implementing and is available here in its first iteration: The grant would allow me to implement the features
needed to release v1 of the dashboard and keep it up-to-date and functioning.

What entails v1

While many charts are already available in the first iteration, I would like to structure the dashboard
slightly differently, into 3 sections. I am now going to list each section and its content while also
specifiying what is already implemented and what needs to be.


This would be the landing page and would show overall statistics for the governance. In particular:
- [TODO] An up-to-date table with the list of current and
past proposals and some key information (link to astro official proposal page, start and end date, result/pending)
- [DONE] Total Votes Distribution: stacked chart with votes for/against/abstain for each proposal
- [DONE] Voters Overview: scatter plot with each single voter placed according to their voting power.
The percentile of voting power can be filtered via a slider to better isolate and investigate specific points.
- [DONE] Addresses holding the Majority of Voting Power: historic trend of the minimum amount of addresses which were needed to reach majority.
Important metric to capture and represent decentralisazion
- [DONE] Votes Overview: donought chart with number of passed and failed proposals


This section would welcome the user with the ability to select a specific proposal to look the metrics for.
The selection will most likely happen via a dropdown. In this section we will show metrics from the selected
proposal, to allow for a more focused and detailed inspection of patterns and behaviours within it.
- [TODO] A metrics section where I show different single value metrics such as how many addresses have voted
- [TODO] A side by side comparison of the Voting Power votes and the single addresses votes, both in the form of dounght charts.
This might show that i.e. the majority of addresses has voted for but the majority of voting power has voted against.
- [DONE] Votes Distribution Over Time: show the total amount of votes for/against over the course of the voting period
- [DONE] Cumulative Voting Power: A detailed distribution of the amount of governance power of the single voters in this proposal - an important decentralisazion metric - is depicted in the following chart.
The chart can be inspected to answer the questions: how many addresses were needed to reach the X% of voting power?
What percentage did the top X addresses have?


In this section the dashboard will allow the user to select/input a specific terra address.
The dashboard will then show gov metrics for that specific address. This can be useful to keep track
of how DAOs are behaving in the astro governance. Specifically we’ll show:
- [TODO] A metrics section showing simple numbers such as:
- number of total proposals participated in
- number of total proposals voted for/against
- number of total proposals ended with the result aligned with the vote (success rate)
- Astro/xAstro holdings
- % of holdings out of all holdings in circulation

- [TODO] A table showing each proposal voted in and with what vote (for/against)
- [TODO] A chart showing after how much time since the beginning of the vote has the vote been cast (how fast is the decision making process)
- [TODO] A chart showing the % of governance power held at the time of voting out of the total (influence in the vote)

I might come up with more charts/metrics to add, and I reserve the right to make slight modifications to the ones mentioned
in case it turns out to be impractical to implement them.

How do I intend to maintain it

The grant should cover the following maintanance costs as well:

  • Pay for the hosting service in case there is need to for at most 1 year (hosting services for static sites are pretty cheap)
  • Keep the queries for the data up-to-date. I’ll be relying on flipside for querying the on-chain data, so in case it let me down, I might need to find other solutions
    but this would not be included in this grant.
  • Solve any bug related to the features mentioned here for v1

Future intentions

I expect the community to come up with suggestions on how to improve and enhance the dashboard once governance
takes off and the dashboard will be accessible in its v1.
I intend to listen to feedback and incorporate them into a v2 which I will apply for a new grant to develop.
Future features might be:
- Incorporate other metrics from either other protocols or from social media (@sage for this idea)
- Add a list of known addresses (e.g. known DAOs) to select from in the Voter section
- Allow users to vote from within the dashboard

Amount requested

For this v1 of the dashboard and its maintenance I ask for a grant of $5k UST (which can be paid in a corresponding amount of ASTRO).


I expect to be able to deliver the dashboard within at most 3 months from the approvement of the grant.
In case of impossibility to deliver, I can return 70% of the full amount in ASTRO e 30% in UST according to the price of the day I receive the payment.
This is because - for tax purposes - I need to convert 30% of ASTRO into Fiat as soon as I get it.
I believe this to be acceptable since the community can already access the first iteration.


Really like the proposal. But would it not be possible to have your dashboards in an astroport/governance/stats kind of website?

I think speaking with devs and making this an part of the current UI would be even nicer. Your specific website could have stats related to other protocols and multi voting I would say.

Even if the above suggestion dosen’t work out you have my full support!


my full support for expanding upon the governance data and intricacies for the Astral Assembly . This proposal has a very intricate nuance to it that i haven’t seen suggested yet via the transparecy and ease of use to know what’s being voted on (technically without editing hyperlink its not even possible to go back and read passed governance proposals)

Additionally, if this were to come to fruition , I would like to see a general statistics dashboard of the specifics that are going on within the Astroport software . I assume the Astroport devs are working on this , additionally a vxASTRO dashboard.


Imo transparency is key while moving towards full decentralization. This dash would go a long way in enabling this. Would love to see this built. Confident Incioman is able to pull this off, seeing his work on past dashboards for Astroport, Mars and Prism among others.


@IncioMan thanks for coming to the forum - a 5k ask seems fair and appropriate, especially given the utility of the outlined Dashboard.

In my experience, grantees often lack awareness of what is an “appropriate” size so it is refreshing to see one which is more reasonable.

We are glad to see your use of Flipside and support you in your process of securing a grant.


Hi, I am not able to withdraw reward ANC and not able stake at governance as well !
Look at it may be it’s sone bug there?!
I use iOS iPhone and trying to get it with ledger as well…