Porting Astroport to new forked Terra & snapshot

Astroport is one of the most important protocol and it is also the largest DEX on Terra. Therefore, I believe that it should be on the new forked Terra blockhain. The estimated start of the new blockchain is May 27. We therefore need to consider a snapshot of ASTRO holders. I propose:

  • Take a snapshot of holders around the time of the $UST depeg
  • Take a snapshot of holders at the network halt
  • Take a snapshot of current holders

Make Astroport great again!


i agree, match the proportional allocations of the drop after fork, with Astro continuing in V2. The exception should be locked positions. Maintaining a locked timeline does not make sense after hard fork–timeline has been corrupted forever. These should all be released and those desiring to can reset under Astro V2.

I really hope that ASTRO stays on terra, it is my only hope of recouping some heavy losses in luna and its many derivatives. There are already dozens of dexes in cosmos and a few have exceptional UX but Astroport is THE Dex of terra. UST was a disastrous error but TERRA2 can still become a major L1 again and I feel that it needs Astroport to achieve this.

We should also just roll over user holdings at the start of the fork as anyone who has sold has cashed out, this isn’t the same as the luna / UST situation.


Fully agree with this MGB!

@lasswel what would be the use of these snapshots?

ust and Luna had depeg issues and circulating supply issues. During this whole time the Astro token supply was never affected and should therefore not be subject to any snapshot which would basically give people who bought the dip less astro for their already in value lessening buck.

I full stand by the idea of supporting astro on both chains (if feasible for the devs), but the tokens on both chains should get a 1 to 1 representation on both chains, be it to just not make things unnecessarily difficult.