Future of Astroport in Terra V2

What a crazy week it’s been! Essentially all of us have been hit very hard, and with Terra V2 vote likely passing, I think it’s important to have this conversation.

I’ve been talking a lot with members of the community recently and there seems to be a lot of worry around what the future of Astroport will be in the new Luna fork, I ran a small poll to see if people want Astroport to be on the new Terra Fork or create its own chain, an overwhelming majority of people want to move to Terra V2 instead of having Astroport form its own chain (of course this is up to the developers…).

Whilst a pre-depeg snapshot might make sense for UST/LUNA, I do not believe that it makes sense for ASTRO as the coin was always priced in UST, and supply has increased as expected and part of investing is the value of your investment decreasing, whilst LUNA got diluted, ASTRO did not. People need to understand that punishing buying of ASTRO when the price drops is NOT what should happen, if ASTRO price drops in the future do we want people to protect it or do we want people to be scared in case they won’t even get the ASTRO they defended (especially important for users who were in lockdrops at the time!!! they get to sell for something instead of not selling for anything)! New ASTRO buyers provided a lot of exit liquidity for other users who sold, it won’t make sense to give sellers more tokens that they can just sell again…? And this is me speaking as someone who only bought ASTRO before the depeg…

Simply put, attacking new ASTRO buyers will ruin Astroport in the future in any market crash scenario.


I agree with every word, I’m a lockdrop and a buyer way before peg and after depeg. I believe, i took a risk with astro NOT luna when it was being diluted and that what made the difference to me, the independence of astro, i hope we will honor supporters and believers! :pray: