Increase Incentivizes for Terra LUNA PCL pools With more ASTRO Emissions

As we know Terra LUNA has 2 largest volume on Astroport.

Soon it will move to 1 spot with the largest trading volume on astroport. AS TFL is doing massive massive Developments behind the scenes to revive the vibrant ecosystem again. Some massive products are about to roll out next month.

Kindly revise to increase the ASTRO Emissions on terra PCL pools.
According to data from Coinmarketcap, Terra money (LUNA) still has a greater volume than neutron and sei Combined. Then why low ASTRO emissions/incentive for Terra pools?

As Astroport community and everyone needs to make sure to move the liquidity, Back to Terra pools on Astroport(Bring the idle or any liquidity back home on Terra pools). Community can get juicy APR by providing liquidity in TERRA POOLS.
In many networks there is dead liquidity with no APR and no volume. Astroport community make sure to move it back to earn a massive APR on Terra pools.
The community can also checkout the Terra pools compounder Eris Protocol

As many are curious what coming on Terra LUNA Here are some glimpse.


Earn bitcoin by staking LUNA coming soon

BTC liquidity into the $LUNA soon

1 Wrap protocol: (LIVE)

A Decentralized automation layer for queueing transactions to be executed in future.

2 Enterprise dao:

No-code solution to effective DAO management with little to no experience required.

Enterprise Hub: which run your business in crypto on chain . Enterprise payments and labor markets soon

3 Project Verity: A reputation and identity layer offering decentralized, portable, interoperable, ZKP features spanning both web2 & web3 spaces.

4 Project Quill: Re-engineering Terra blockchain to be faster, more decentralized and less expensive to accommodate the suite of apps being developed for real economic activity

5 Project Tashkent: Lego blocks and tools for anyone to build your own marketplace applications

6 Foundation: A data infrastructure to launch any type of application. If your app needs free access to data for your indexers, Terra can do it free of charge.

7 Alliance allows blockchains to trade yield with each other. (LIVE)

Alliance is an open-source Cosmos SDK module that leverages interchain staking to form economic alliances among blockchains. (0-day unbonding time)


8 Jax [dot] zone JavaScript Application eXchange

is a smart contract platform that will allow developers to write and deploy contracts written in the Terra blockchain.

9 Feather is like launching your own blockchain

Developers can create , deploy customized blockchain in minutes, with a full suite of validators and instant tooling parity with larger chains. launching and running a blockchain from $500k/yr now to less than $5k/yr .

10 Terra station v3 Releasing in Mid-November

Keep a close eye on it and make sure do your own research.