ARC-98: Migrate two Terra Pools to PCL

This proposal aims to deregister the CAPA-LUNA and CAPA-SOLID XYK pools from the Astroport Factory contract on Terra and create PCL counterparts for them.


Passive concentrated liquidity has been running on the Terra Astroport for almost a month with no incidents. Now that PCL started to prove itself in production, we propose that the following XYK pools get migrated to concentrated liquidity as well on priority:


ASTRO Incentive:
Terra network has the 2 largest volume with lowest liquidity. In the incentive framework, it is mentioned ASTRO emissions incentive will be periodically reviewed (every ~8 weeks).
Still, no steps have been taken by Astroport to improve liquidity in terra pools.
It feels like Astroport is not fairly treating Terra network pools.
Kindly review it on a priority basis to increase incentives on terra network PCL pools greatly.


Its been 5 days since the post was posted. Still no comment or anything.
XYK pool has not migrated to pcl pools from months.
ASTRO incentive on Terra network are not being reviewed to increase massively.
Terra Network Luna is implementing FeeShare module, which means 75% of all transaction fees generated through a Terra smart contract will go directly to the contract owners like Astroport and other protocols.
In addition, until Jan. 2025, TFL will calculate fees generated by Terra smart contracts & match, in stablecoins, 50% of all fees generated. These will get distributed to addresses specified contract owners & enable teams to earn 75% of the fees they generate on-chain.

Astroport will get millions of dollars in fees from TFL Terra network.
Pool not properly incentivized. But still getting 2 highest volume with lowest liquidity.

Hi @qasimsaleem the PCL pool type will need an upgrade before creating new ones. I personally advise against migrating CAPA pools in the next 2 weeks.

As for “XYK pool has not migrated to pcl pools from months”, Astroport has several PCL pools on Terra. Migrating pools only makes sense when these pools have enough volume to justify migration.

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Okay got it.
But it took many days for team to Reply.