ARC-95: Move TPT-LUNA pcl pool incentive to LUNA-ASTRO PCL Pool

As we know, Astro emissions are running on TPT-LUNA pool, which is generating almost 0 volume.

As project has left the Terra long time ago and it does not worth to continue emissions on this idle pool for a year. As this proposal main motive is to move emissions from TPT-LUNA PCL pool to LUNA -ASTRO PCL pool.

There is massive demand of this LUNA-ASTRO PCL pool in community. We are really looking forward from Astroport Team and community to move ASTRO incentive from TPT-LUNA PCL pool to LUNA-ASTRO PCL pool as soon as possible and move for voting on priority basis.

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@stefan really looking forward for your kind response.

As we are massively wasting ASTRO emission on TPT-LUNA pool.

I agree with your take and support the idea to remove TPT/LUNA from the list of incentivized pools.

Terra network has 2 largest volume with lowest liquidity. Its been more than months as it has not been periodically reviewed (every ~8 weeks) as mentioned in incentive framework.
Kindly review it on priority basis to increase incentive on terra network
People are complaining and fed up due to liquidity issues on Astroport terra pools. Many have started to move to Exchanges or other DEX.
ASTROPORT Team needs to retain customer base. Improve liquidity in Terra pools.
Main issue:
2 most traded network with lowest liquidity on astroport kindly help to fix it.
Overall volume of Terra LUNA according to Coinmarketcap, is greater than Neutron and Sei network Combined.
Increase ASTRO incentive on Terra network.
Migrate all XYK Terra pools to PCL pools on immediate and priority basis. Why migration is taking to much time as it has been running successfully from months but still all XYK terra pools have not been migrated to PCL.

The proposal has been passed.
It means Move TPT-LUNA pool incentive to LUNA-ASTRO pool.

First half has been implemented TPT-LUNA incentive has been removed.
Second Half Move incentive to LUNA-ASTRO pool still waiting?

Waiting for ARC-95 complete implementation on priority basis