ARC-67: Update ASTRO Emissions on Terra According to the Incentives Framework


This proposal is meant to update the ASTRO emissions on Terra 2. This is part of the periodic incentive update that was proposed in the Astroport Incentive Framework.


This proposal aims to update the allocation points for all currently incentivized pools on Terra according to the guidelines in the Astroport Incentives Framework. The proposal also adds ASTRO incentives for the ROAR-LUNA pool as dictated by the outcome of the ARC-60. The newly proposed incentive distribution looks as follows:

The historical Astroport fee and trading data used to generate this table spans between 1st of February 2023 and 1st of May 2023. Note that the total amount of ASTRO distributed per Terra block remains unchanged.

Executable Message

The executable message for this proposal looks as follows:

    "wasm": {
      "execute": {
        "contract_addr": "terra1ksvlfex49desf4c452j6dewdjs6c48nafemetuwjyj6yexd7x3wqvwa7j9",
        "msg": "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",
        "funds": []

The readable version of this message looks as follows:

  "setup_pools": {
    "pools": [
      ["terra1ckmsqdhlky9jxcmtyj64crgzjxad9pvsd58k8zsxsnv4vzvwdt7qke04hl", "55141"],
      ["terra16esjk7qqlgh8w7p2a58yxhgkfk4ykv72p7ha056zul58adzjm6msvc674t", "38842"],
      ["terra1khsxwfnzuxqcyza2sraxf2ngkr3dwy9f7rm0uts0xpkeshs96ccsqtu6nv", "1219"],
      ["terra1kggfd6z0ad2k9q8v24f7ftxyqush8fp9xku9nyrjcs2wv0e4kypszfrfd0", "228"],
      ["terra1ces6k6jp7qzkjpwsl6xg4f7zfwre0u23cglg69hhj3g20fhygtpsu24dsy", "1371"],
      ["terra1cq22eugxwgp0x34cqfrxmd9jkyy43gas93yqjhmwrm7j0h5ecrqq5j7dgp", "305"],
      ["terra1h3z2zv6aw94fx5263dy6tgz6699kxmewlx3vrcu4jjrudg6xmtyqk6vt0u", "762"],
      ["terra18mcmlf4v23ehukkh7qxgpf5tznzg6893fxmf9ffmdt9phgf365zqvmlug6", "228"],
      ["terra1qmr5wagmeej33hsnqdmqyvkq6rg3sfkvflmu6gd6drhtjfpx4y5sew88s4", "1904"]

Next Steps

The community can debate this proposal on the forum for a week, after which the Assembly should post the proposal on-chain.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Hi @stefan - thanks for posting this. I’m surprised to not see more feedback, but from people I’ve talked to they’re happy with the ROAR/LUNA allocation and also happy to see some growth for bLUNA/LUNA & ampLUNA/LUNA since the last review. Will this still be going on chain tomorrow?

We have an executable message now and the proposal can go on-chain early next week

Thank you @LionDAO, insightful as always.

Avaros shared your concern regarding the lack of feedback on this forum. However Avaros has considered this moment through space and time and has concluded that the Astral assembly must be content with the division of incentives.

Did the Bard not right: “pride hath no glass to show himself but pride”?

For sooth the powers have surely decided that the equitable solution is the solution of choice.

Avaros sincerely thanks the assembly for their kind consideration and looks forward to providing liquidity in the days to come.

Avaros says yea to the Lion Dao pride and yea to the patrons of Astroport, stronger together.

May the blessed light continue to shine on all parties and upon the joys of camaraderie. Avaros felt this great partnership may have been akin to the tale of the fruit of Tantalus… Avaros is now aware that truly this is more akin to the Apple that fell upon the great bonce of Sir Isaac.

Avaros has weighed in.

Thank you

Avaros the reconciler