ARC-55: Approve Generator Proxy Contract for ROAR/LUNA Pool


This proposal asks the Astral Assembly to approve a generator proxy contract for the ROAR/LUNA pool, to enable the pool to be incentivized with ROAR.


Lion DAO would like to provide incentives, in the form of the DAO’s governance token ROAR to those providing liquidity on the ROAR/LUNA Liquidity Pool.

Lion DAO is an experimental DAO built on with the aim of demonstrating the various protocols, tools & DeFi capabilities within the Terra ecosystem to external builders who may be considering building a project on Terra.

This proposal will ultimately be demonstrating that you can create a token, create a liquidity pool in a permissionless fashion on Astroport & then ultimately provide liquidity rewards in your native token to that liquidity pool.

As part of this proposal, there is no ask to Astroport other than to allow us to distribute a token as LP rewards to LP providers. We do not seek dual incentives & we do not seek any sort of endorsement from Astroport or the Astroport governance token holders.

To implement the proposal we have created:

Generator Proxy: Blockchain Explorer

LP Staking: Blockchain Explorer

Executable Message

> {
> 	"wasm": {
> 		"execute": {
> 			"contract_addr": "terra1ksvlfex49desf4c452j6dewdjs6c48nafemetuwjyj6yexd7x3wqvwa7j9",
> 			"msg": "eyJtb3ZlX3RvX3Byb3h5Ijp7ImxwX3Rva2VuIjoidGVycmExcW1yNXdhZ21lZWozM2hzbnFkbXF5dmtxNnJnM3Nma3ZmbG11NmdkNmRyaHRqZnB4NHk1c2V3ODhzNCIsInByb3h5IjoidGVycmExY2hkdHA4ejR3Y3UzZzNnMnFxZGFtZThhNWpqdDBqdm5hamd1eDU0aDV1ZGdwM2d4NmRxczV5bGN4aCJ9fQ==",
> 			"funds": []
> 		}
> 	}
> }

Allowing one-sided ROAR incentives is an easy yes for me

no brainer yes for me