ARC-39: Add Generator Proxy for SAYVE:LUNA Pool to Dual Rewards

Dear Astroport community,

We are writing to propose the inclusion of the Sayve protocol’s generator proxy to the rewards proxy list of Astroport’s generator.


Add generator proxy for sayve to the rewards proxy list. Initial incentives will be $SAYVE token emissions. The purpose of this proposal is to receive feedback from the community about this idea and gather thoughts regarding the addition of sayve generator proxy to the astroports assembly. This is not a proposal asking for $ASTRO incentives.


SAYVE aims to pioneer the language learning app in the Web3 era, by creating a world where users will be rewarded both financially and practically for their commitment to learning. Users equip their in-game characters with NFTs, allowing them to learn languages. $SAYVE primarily serves as both a governance and utility token that oversees the app operation and gains values from all transaction fees from the platform.

For more details about SAYVE’s tokenomics, you can check out our website


As you may know, Astroport has an incentivized emissions framework that aims to provide a blueprint for anyone to submit

We believe that the Sayve protocol can contribute to this framework by providing rewards in the form of Sayve tokens through the Astroport generators. Our aim is to meet the criteria set by the framework, which includes emitting $SAYVE tokens for at least 4 weeks using the Astroport dual reward feature. By doing so, we hope to be eligible for incentivization through ASTRO emissions in the future. But regardless of ASTRO emissions we want to simplify LP staking for users by going through Astroport’s platform.

We understand that there may be concerns about the impact of adding our generator proxy to the rewards proxy list. However, we assure you that we have carefully tested our generator proxy.

In addition, this prop will NOT alter allocation points, or affect astro emissions, it will just provide extra tokens $SAYVE to LP Stakers.

We would like to invite the community to discuss this proposal and provide feedback. We are open to any suggestions or modifications that would make this proposal more beneficial to the Astroport community.

Here is the following proposal message we want to post on Governance

{"title":"Add Generator Proxy to Sayve","description":"Sayve would like to integrate Proxy Contracts we would like a Generator Proxy to be added for Sayve Luna LP users can stake LP via Astroport Generator to Sayve LP staking contract","link":null,

The execution message decoded from b64 is

"move_to_proxy": {

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Thanks for considering Astroport as your main LP pair, @sayve . Since this will not affect any allocation points in the existing LP pairs, I fully support this proposal. I do hope that your pool picks up in volume over the next 4 weeks for it to have it being allocated a fair share of ASTRO emissions.

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Thanks for submitting the proposal. I second @MaxCallisto’s thoughts. I support this proposal.

Otherwise a good project should have its full liquidity at start. price impact at the moment is very high. lets hope for the best

Will this proposal remove the current price impact of sayve token. what about its liquidity?

The generator proxy for Sayve could potentially improve its liquidity for the SAYVE-LUNA pool. With a deeper liquidity, there will be less price impact when you’re doing swaps on the SAYVE-LUNA pool.