Tricrypto pool (Terra style) bLUNA<>bETH<>aUST

Here’s an idea: bLUNA, bETH, aUST (33/33/33) “Tricrypto” pool reimagined in Terra style. Curve’s Tricrypto pool is very popular and for good reason. Now, if all three assets were generating yield too? :smiling_face_with_tear:

This would attract a ton of liquidity even without significant ASTRO emissions.

The pool would also satisfy whatever demand there might be to swap between Anchor’s top assets.

Of course, I’m suggesting we substitute BTC for LUNA, considering there is no “bBTC” or equivalent (and nowadays LUNA practically gives you a modest BTC exposure :wink:).

Why is Tricrypto such a desirable asset?

  1. Auto-balances portfolio allocation across apex assets.
  2. Diversified allocation reduces volatility, making for solid collateral in lending markets.
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