Upgrade boneLuna-LUNA Pool to Handle bLuna Rewards

White paper: https://docs.backbonelabs.io/


Proposal: Add $bLUNA-$LUNA pool to Astroport and reward LPs with $ASTRO incentives.


boneLUNA is a $LUNA liquid staking protocol similar to $STEAK, $LUNAX, $ampLUNA. Users stake $LUNA to mint $bLUNA token, which represents their ownership of the staked $LUNA and can be used in DeFi applications. As the staked $LUNA continues to generate interest, on the other hand, we provide you a liquid staking derivative (LSD), which is a token that can be reinvested to further increase your investment. In order to realize this, we will implement several DEFI products in the future. $bLUNA is connected with multiple

Alliance partners including

Orbital Command, NFTSwitch.xyz, Capapult Finance, Gidorah, Hermes Protocol, PFC, Redacted Money, TerraSpace, Skeleton Punks and BackBone Labs. The Alliance was formed to resurrect Bluna as a hyper incentivized community base token that will allocate 70% of fee generated to LP providers.The remaining 30% fees generated will go to the Skeleton PUNK DAO.

Compared to other liquid staking protocols, $bLUNA has the following characteristics:

*** 70% of the fees generated will go to LP pool providers on the Astroport DEX**
*** 30% of the fees generated will go to the Skeleton Punk DAO**
*** 100% goes back to the community BackBone Labs KEEPS NOTHING!**
*** Dual incentives rewards from Gravedigger($Luna) and Astroport ($ASTRO)**
*** Muti-sig wallet - 5 signees**


“A Decentralized economy really does need decentralized money.”

The points made by Larry0x in ARC-18 4 are still applicable to $bLUNA:

“We believe a healthy competition between multiple LUNA liquid staking tokens is crucial for our network’s economic security. Having a big proportion of staked LUNA controlled by only one or two protocols is dangerous, especially if such protocols: 1) are not subject to the governance of Luna holders, and 2) are under heavy influence of VCs and institutions.

Furthermore, $bLUNA will help empower validators who contribute value to our network, instead of many of the institutional validators who do not participate in governance, do not engage with the community, do not contribute to the growth of Terra DeFi, most often pumped to the top of the validator leaderboard through the not-so-transparent election process of certain liquid staking protocol(s).

Therefore, we believe it is highly beneficial for Terra, and hence for Astroport as well, to incentivize $bLUNA liquidity, which increases its utility and adoption in Terra DeFi.”

As multiple apps are set to be released in the next few months, they’re only a few selected LSD pairs currently in Astro. $bLUNA will be an addition to the current limited LSD paired in astro.10% of the interest being generated each time we auto-compound your assets as a performance fee and put it into our protocol treasury. The remaining 90% of the $LUNA interest will be restaked for you and generate additional interest for you from this point of time on. As already said, those performance fees will be given back 70% for LP providers of $bLUNA-$LUNA and 30% to the Skeleton Punk DAO (the Skeleton Punk holders). BackBone Labs doesn’t keep any of it! $bLUNA uses a XYK liquidity pool model, meaning it generates 6x more fees than the stableswap pool. With the same volume, it generates 6x more fees for Astro stakers .


We propose that the Astral Assembly incentivise the $bLUNA-$LUNA LP with an alloc_point value of 6,666 in the Generator contract and reduce incentives from $LUNAx-$LUNA LP and $ampLUNA-$LUNA LP 6,666 to keep both pools with similar alloc_points, thus, ensuring a fair emission for LSDs. Any future changes in the alloc_points can be determined via gauges or further proposals.

Propose Astro Generator Setup

Pool alloc_points Percentage Astro Distribution
Astro-Luna 5,000 4.90%
VKR-axlUSDC 2050 2%
Astro-axIUSDC 30,000 29.40%
LUNA-axIUSDC 40,000 39.16%
LUNA-Lunax 6,666 6.53%
axIUSDC-AxIUSDC 5,000 4.90%
ampluna-LUNA 6,666 6.53%
BLUNA-LUNA 6,666 6.53%
Total alloc_points assigned 102,050


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Looking for any and all feedback.




After the Terra fall, the LUNAtics need hope and solid projects led by teams that radiate extraordinary energy.

BackBoneLabs is one such team. Unlike others, they didn’t have funds to bounce back. With the Skeleton Punks, they have accumulated (qualitative) partnerships with a utility for each partnership. Each of these utilities is a stone in the DeFi edifice they are building.

The GraveDigger is a pillar of this DeFi edifice. Others will come later. The team is building something giant in a structured way. If the Skeleton Punks project is one of my 4 favorite NFT projects, it’s precisely because the BBL Team sees far beyond the simple jpg. This kind of original and ambitious vision, Terra needs it!

By adding to the $bLUNA-$LUNA LP the $ASTRO incentives, you will give a boost to this brilliant project and this BBL Team which greatly deserves it. So Astroport team, you who love Terra as much as we do, please consider this request.

Fly Flag :pirate_flag:


I really like the idea of fees partially returning to Astroport LP providers, this makes it relatively more beneficial for Astroport to incentivize $bLUNA!

I am worried, however, about the dilemma between (i) liquid staking protocol competition (which is something we should all want) and (ii) the resulting diminished effectiveness of incentivization. With, say, 10 staking protocols, each swap would suffer from more slippage than say, 2 staking protocols.

I believe that not only liquid staking protocols should compete with one another to get users. They should also compete with each other for Astroport allocation points. $bLUNA is a good example. Its fees return to Astroport LPs, thereby potentially attracting more liquidity to Astroport. In this logic, you might even consider upping the suggested allocation points for $bLUNA relative to $ampLUNA and $LUNAX.


Backbone Labs and his alliance partners have so many ideas what they gonna set up with bLuna and the Gravedigger in the future. This could be the initiating spark to revive the LUNA ecosystem again.
Let’s support this community initiative and make LUNA rise again.

You can’t kill what’s already dead.


The idea is solid. It reflects the work done so far and sets the tone for a community driven mindset. Looking forward for it


I love the thought of bridging the NFT world with Defi and real life use. It’s amazing how something that survived the depeg and crash, the SP Alliance has been forming and growing so quickly There is a vision here that the Alliance is putting into play. I already have the BackBones (bLuna) and Luna LP on $ASTRO even though there is no return yet, because I believe in the plan and am providing liquidity to them.

I admit, I am a Noob when it comes to the Defi world. I got completely Rekt with the $LUNA crash. But thanks to the NFTs that I held, some things survived. Please consider this proposal. It is a chance to bring together the two separate worlds of NFTs to Defi. Flags Out! :pirate_flag: :saluting_face:


Hey, glad to see this discussion finally brought to Astroport Forum!

While encouraging competition between LSDs is healthy and very much needed (not gonna debate the LunaX situation again), supporting this proposal is also supporting Terra community as a whole. The SP Alliance are survivors of the Terra crash, working their ass off to deliver and revive the Terra ecosystem we all thrived in. It is also one of if not the most community driven team. 100% given back to the community, where else have you seen that?

As for benefitting Astroport, bLuna will be the only LSD to provide dual rewards. I also believe that SP alliance goal to revive DeFi in Terra will bring volume and value to Astro holders. For anyone who have followed recent discussions in Terra’s Forum, there are evident signs that Terra is not resigning and will fight its way up once again, as Astroport is.

This proposal is an opportunity to show that Astroport and Terra communities are still very much together. Let’s make it happen!


The fact that 70% of the performance fees return to Astroport LP is a selling point itself

As other people said, this will also incentivize people to put liquidity on Astroport, so my opinion the pool bLUNA-LUNA should receive more alloc_points than LUNAx or ampLUNA, because it will benefit the protocol more than other LSD.

It’s only a matter of time before bLUNA-LUNA pool reaches the others in terms of liquidity; the project has a clear vision and it’s focused on the community more than any other.
More and more projects and people are joining the Alliance and it will become one of the biggest and strongest on Terra


Wah, interesting proposal with another LSD, especially from various OG partners that form an Alliance. I was at first in LunaX /Luna LP then switch to AmpLuna/Luna LP when it start receiving Astro rewards. Also consider that Staber is not so active with the community as compared to Eris. Now with this new proposal, I may start with new bluna/Luna LP as well with my Luna staking rewards, especially there so many big brains behind this Alliance. Anyway, as a retail investor, it help to diversify and the alloc_points will be same between the 3 LSP , if this proposal pass. Let the lunatic have more options and let the result drive more motivation for the teams to innovate more use cases for their LSD product. Now I am checking out the Skeleton Punk NFT and hopes to get one so as to benefit further. Win win situation. Well, that my simple retail thinking… :slight_smile:


I’m a REKT OG LUNAtic looking to get unREKT. Skeleton Punks and Backbone Labs are trying to help us all recover. I’ve also been a huge supporter of Astroport from before the beginning. It makes a ton a sense to pass this proposal and help Terra return from the ashes!!! Thanks.


What we need in this ecosystem right now is an active, dedicated, communicative and collaborative set of protocols and users willing to put in the effort to regrow. Backbone Labs is exactly this. In addition, the bluna-Luna lp, if incentivized, has a good shot at gaining deep liquidity and improving astroport user experience via a profitable lp - all that being tied to a nft project pushing the lines of traditional nfts and staying creative.


Surely this will energize the project.
I’m just grateful that these proposals came up.
I fully support what they do.


This is much needed; the LUNA ecosystem is the best one out there. And the Gravedigger will deliver on every aspect. ASTRO will rise after the launch. LFG!!


Backbonelabs is doing a lot to bring back the DeFi ecosystem to terra 2.0. Liquid staking solution were a big part of luna defi ecosystem pre crash. Such initiatives should be encouraged to bring back Terra Defi adoption


If you’re looking for a project that is all about community, this is the one!


I’m a noob to the astroport forum but have provided liquidity on both the classic & terra 2 chains.
LUNA LSD are clearly going to be important part of the Terra 2 vision laid out yesterday by DK. I myself appreciated Stader LunaX product on Terra 2 post depeg because it was a reputable project building on several chains.
That being said I want to see further diversification of LSD so that we can maintain the unique decentralized nature of Terra2.
I followed OG community contributors/ validator down the Skeleton Punk Alliance Rabbit hole. I love the passion and energy JG brings and that the Back bone labs team is lead by og community members such OC crew & Pfc validator.
Having them apart of this project gives me comfort because I trust them to be good stewards for the entire community. LSD give power to the stewards and I know these folks as do many other do in the community.
That the revenue gets redistributed back to the community 100% is another great bonus. Please approve the lp incentives.


This proposal seems a no-brainer to me. 100 per cent of fees returned back to the community, benefiting both liquidity providers and skeleton punks holders. JG et al have worked tirelessly since the crash to return terra to its former glory. Ideas like this will help the excitement return to terra, in both the defi and nft spaces. A big yes from me - if anything i think the bluna-luna pool should receive more astro incentives than other lsd’s due to the fact all fees will be returning to the community in some way


BackBone Labs and Skeleton Punks are imo true LUNAtics and is prob the only one showing true support to Terra and its community. I go all in on bLUNA. It is a no brainer - simple like that.


Can you elaborate more on dual incentives? Specifically: “Dual incentives rewards from Gravedigger($Luna) and Astroport ($ASTRO)”

Allocation points for $ASTRO are clear, but Gravedigger($Luna) contribution is vague at the moment.