Convert bLuna to stLuna in bLuna-Luna LP

The bLuna - Luna pool currently has 2.3 million UST worth of unclaimed bAsset rewards. Astroport should convert the bLuna - Luna pool over to stLuna - Luna to capture the value accruing from the bLuna in the bLuna - Luna LP.

The current staking reward for bLuna is around 10%. If bLuna was converted to stLuna this would increase the pool’s revenue by 12 million, boosting APRs from 8% to 13% in the pool.

Since stLuna automatically compounds the bAsset the rewards it will allow the pool to easily earn those rewards. bLuna is easily convertible to stLuna at Convert | Lido with low fees (0.20 $UST) and no slippage.

You can check how much unclaimed UST the pool has by going to Anchor. Then when you connect your wallet, choose “View an address” and enter the Astroport bLuna - Luna pair address “terra1j66jatn3k50hjtg2xemnjm8s7y8dws9xqa5y8w”.


Would changing the pair not lead to confusion among users?

What I would rather see is Astroport writing a contract function that can claim the rewards for the bAssets in the contract and distribute the UST to liquidity providers the same way they distribute tokens in dual incentive pools.

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I think bLuna rewards should be paid out to the people supplying the LP. I.E.: the proposal would be for each person to get a daily cut in proportion to their share of the LP.

Converting people’s bLuna to stLuna seems a stretch.

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