axlUSDC <> Luna Classic Pool on Astro 2.0

Would it be possible to list Luna Classic on Astro 2.0? I believe there would be a lot of demand and it would generate tons of fees for xAstro stakers.

I am not sure how technically feasible it is to list $LUNC but I do believe whole heartedly it would generate revenue for Astroport 2.0.

Please discuss and I am happy to help in any way possible that is not technical.

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From a technical perspective that would be totally possible.

You would have either the chance of creating a bridge between Terra and TerraClassic by means of implementing a contract on both chains that lock tokens on chain A when transferred to chain B.

Or - and this is WAAAAY better - you could relaying IBC messages between both chains which would enable users to exchange tokens between the chains in a quite native fashion.

See, when the original Terra crashed, some IBC channels (e.g. to Osmosis and Juno) got closed in order to prevent exploits on the dropping value of LUNA(Classic).

But that does not mean you can reopen them. From my insights that reopening that channels is a matter of changing a single line of code (and probably a on-chain proposal).

And even without changing the Terra Classic codebase you could relay IBC packages between Classic and Luna2, because there are so much unused channels that could be used or that connection and which are not closed by the TerraClassic side.

I would be happy to contribute here.

This is possible. From what I’ve mentioned in my tweet, it’ll be a few steps to have a LUNC-axlUSDC pool.

  1. Propose a governance on Terra Classic’s Agora forum to re-enable IBC. Since Terra Classic has a dev team, Terra Rebels, that has just recently took over the development from TFL, it’ll be a good chance they’ll support the proposal for re-enabling IBC.
  2. Jimmy, from LuncDAO, has mentioned that he’ll support the relaying of IBC between both Terra Classic and Terra2. So that’s done.
  3. IBC bridge LUNC over to Astroport and develop a pool on their pool maker UI.

Having LUNC on Terra2 makes sense because all developments on Astroport will be done on Terra2 and Terra Classic is able to benefit from all the development.