Thoughts on vxASTRO 2.0 post-release

With the recent posts about vxASTRO 2.0 and how that will work, I was thinking that it is likely protocols are going to build on top of this to direct your vxASTRO votes for you to earn extra yield passively, kind of like a validator voting with your stake. Given Apollo’s history and recent hints, I assume they would likely be looking into that, and we know others like Eclipse have been / will be accumulating ASTRO to prepare for the vxASTRO system. It’s probable they have something in mind to bolster tokens launched through their platform as well.

I know it may be more down the road, but it would be cool if this was so fleshed out that various ‘ETF’-like vaults could be opened up to support topical token launches: Meme token vault, AI/Game token vault, Governance token vault, and so on. With these you could deposit your vxASTRO into specific vaults to earn extra yield from tokens fitting various themes/categories. Not to mention you have entire chains getting involved as well, so maybe a chain-specific token vault? For example, we’ve seen that TFL has acquired ASTRO, and so it seems that something like a ‘vxASTRO Terra vault’ could provide the opportunity for the community to back the same goal, whatever that may be.

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