Auto staking of $ASTRO rewards

It would be convenient to have the option to enable auto-staking of all $ASTRO rewards, instead of having to do it periodically on a manual basis. Is this possible?


It should be possible although wondering how many people actually want to do this

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Sounds like a good idea to me. Someone willing to through up a proposal?


Personally would love this. Not sure on how hard it would be to implement it. But esentially users would get to claim xASTRO instead of ASTRO as their rewards. There is no draw back to this at all because there’s no lock in period for xASTRO-ASTRO and there is no swap fee or slippage for xASTRO-ASTRO either.

I think some parts of Spectrum Protocol Vault’s could be used for inspiration and some parts of would be simpler too as there is no need to have a slider for goverannce and compounding.

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Would love this as well. Having this option and convenience may also have the chance to reduce the selling pressure.

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It is better to convert ASTRO directly into XASTRO

I would absolutely love if rewards were auto-staked, or at least give the user the option. Any opportunity to automate gains is fantastic, and you know what they say: “compounding is the 8th wonder of the world!”

I would be happy to, although this would be my first proposal. What is required to create an official proposal?

I would also really like this function… most of the time the Astro rewards are actually the only ones I want to claim so doing multiple transactions to get all of them is kind of annoying…
However doesn’t spectrum actually do this on their Astro vaults? might be possible to just reach out to them or check their Github reposits if it’s possible to just use their code for autostaking?
Might be nice for the devs to get an easy solution for once instead of having to provide all the magic themselves :joy:

Hello @astrochad yesterday I put 27 k in the pool Astro-Luna and now its gone can you please help me ??? @AstroDev

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Devs are active basically 24/7 in the Discord channel, easiest and quickest way for you to get assistance would be to head over there and submitt a ticket if you have the opportunity?

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Hello yesterday I put 27 k in the pool Astro-Luna and now its gone can you please help me ??? @AstroDev

Go to discord. Don’t spam on Forum. Discord link -

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Thank you for your help K040 could you please provide a link on how to get there I appriciate your help very much.

God Bless

muchas Gracias Sir.

Big Terra / Astro Fan just need help