Deposit the 1M9 UST of the xAstro contract in Anchor Earn

I was thinking about why not use the UST of the xAstro contract to earn a 20% with Anchor to gain more
UST and so Astro staker gonna earn more rewards when the Assembly go live :eyes:

Will be good to rewards all futur Astro staker for their patience and also this will allow a better buy pressure on Astro

The xASTRO contract doesn’t have UST in it though, it’s only ASTRO holders staking in the xASTRO staking contract and accruing fees in the form of ASTRO.

Think you meant the ASTRO-UST pool?

The contract is here : Extraterrestrial Finder

Actually the fees is earn in asset and they don’t sell to buy Astro with this, they wait the Astral Assemply

The Maker contract isn’t designed to hold fee token balances for long. It’s an exception now that we’re waiting for Assembly to come out but later on anyone can swap accrued fees at any time. There isn’t really a benefit in lending accrued fees as they should be swapped fairly quick to ASTRO which is then sent to stakers.