Question: Astroport frontend token/pool listing

Quick question for new token or farming pool listing, Is the Astroport frontend automatically list all pair created from the factory?, what is the process for new tokens or pools to be listed on the Astroport frontend?

I also want to suggest that there should be a way to show token address on the frontend to avoid future conflict if the token name accidentally the same.

I find it useful for future protocols that might have similar question so decided to it here, but feel free to let me know if this question should be ask else where :slight_smile: .

Thank you

Automatically showing pools should come soon. I guess one idea is to allow people to click on LP token names and go to Extraterrestrial to see the pool.

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Thanks for quick response Stefan. So right now for a protocol to list their token/pairs on frontend is to contact Astroport team via Discord?

Pinging on Discord is the best way yea

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