LUNA UST Pools loss

I had UST and LUNA in the Aport pool most of my UST was converted to Luna. Leaving it mostly worthless. Is this a normal part of impermanent loss or is there an error? Can’t get an answer for this.

thats impermanent loss mate, the pool automatically rebalances so half is UST half Luna or whatever other coins are in each pool
impermanent loss happens when one of the coins goes down dramatically in price and you get more of that coin in any withdrawal
if you withdraw it becomes a permanent loss but in all honesty, impermanent loss is a poor description for it, as in general it is permanent

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Thanks for this . Much Appreciated.

When one side of the pool drops dramatically, people sell you that side at the expense of the other.

In the ebb and flow of normal circumstances, I think the words “it’s not permanent unless you sell it,” are true. Oh my, school was in session on this one.

Astroport UX (especially the discord threads) has been a great place to participate, learn and earn. Looking forward to landing in the new Astroport.