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Some measured stats that may help.

Over the last 8 weeks:

  • Daily volume for Luna-axlUSDC is $370k on average.
  • 28% of those days have seen spikes in volume over $500k (with a couple of those days reaching over $1mil volume).
  • Luna-axlUSDC pool alone has accounted for a total of over $21mil in volume.
  • Fees contributed by the Luna-axlUSDC pool are ~$62k (over $1100/day on average)

Note: ARC posts should be active for at least 5 days before being frozen and posted on-chain 2 days after that. Astroport Improvement Proposal Framework | Astroport Docs

If we use an average price of ASTRO over that same 8 weeks ($0.075) and the current rate of 7.24 ASTRO/block, then we get $7800/day ASTRO emissions for $1100/day fees earned.

This gives us a Fee:Emission ratio of 0.14, well over the 0.10 ratio from the framework.

Please correct me if I am wrong!