Decentralized Stablecoin Team Up with Shade Protocol

This proposal is here to explore the community’s thoughts about new SHD & Silk Liquidity pools. Bringing the biggest decentralized stablecoin in the cosmos to the Astroport community.

Stablecoin Pairings


Some stats on SHD:

  • ~$10M in SHD volume on ShadeSwap since May = $2.5M in SHD volume per month. This equates to ~$583k in weekly volume. If demand for SHD extends onto the Astroport trader base, I would project this would make a SHD pool a rank #1-2 pool in terms of volume & fee generation on every network.
  • ~$1.4M in pair TVL tied to SHD on ShadeSwap - this creates interesting arbitrage opportunities between Astroport and Secret Network that can be captured. There is also a SHD/MNTA pool on Kujira that would also generate cross-chain arb.
  • There may be a large number of interested traders that are comfortable on Astroport as their trade venue that don’t want to deal with the privacy friction of Secret Network but still want exposure to SHD

Some stats on SILK:

  • $3.3M minted supply backed by $6.6M total collateral ranking #1 on Astroport in terms of liquidity & fee generation
  • Astroport traders could be interested in a decentralized cosmos born stablecoin without the friction of a privacy chain
  • Multiple assets making up the collateral including Eth & BTC (see a quick breakdown here

All thoughts/comments are welcome. Let’s hear it :slight_smile: @Carter_Woetzel