ARC-52: Increase Max Timeout for IBC Transactions


This proposal sets the IBC transaction timeout for Astroport governance transactions (from Terra to other chains) from 5 minutes to 1 hour. This updates gives more time to relayers to process Assembly governance actions.


The current IBC transaction timeout of 300 seconds can be too short in order for relayers to process Astroport governance transactions on Injective. This proposal sets the timeout to 3600 seconds so that relayers have plenty of time to detect and relay IBC governance transactions.

Note that in the process of setting the timeout to 1 hour, the IBC controller contract will be upgraded. The new code ID for the contract will be 1295 which is associated with this commit.

Executable Message

The executable message used to increase the IBC transaction timeout looks as follows:

     "wasm": {
       "migrate": {
         "contract_addr": "terra1fkuhmq52pj08qqffp0elrvmzel8zz857x0pjjuuaar54mgcpe35s9km660",
         "new_code_id": 1295,
         "msg": "eyJuZXdfdGltZW91dCI6MzYwMH0="

The readable version of the executable message looks as follows:

   "new_timeout": 3600


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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