Make bridging to INJ (axlUSDC) more easy

I and at least a dozen of other users find it very hard to use Astroport on Injective when onboarding from other Cosmos chains.

The main reason for this is that USDT (Bridged from ETH version) is the main source of liquidity on Injective. Where it is mostly axlUSDC (will shift to native USDC in the future) on other Cosmos chains. There is currently no place where you can trade axlUSDC to Injective USDT. I suggest we make a pool with these two tokens on the Injective Astroport deployment to make it easier to onboard from Cosmos to Injective. I think this will benefit both Injective and Astroport as the volume going to Injective and the trading volume on Astroport will both increase.
Because of these reasons, I think this is a great pool to get incentivized (preferably with both INJ and ASTRO). It’s the main pool I’m missing and it’s definitely lacking my experience and user-friendliness on Injective. How much incentives are needed is open to discussion but it hasn’t to be that much.

Let me know what you think

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Your suggestion to create a pool with axlUSDC and Injective USDT on the Injective Astroport deployment seems very reasonable to me. It could indeed simplify the process of transitioning from other Cosmos chains to Injective and increase trading volume on both platforms. Additionally, supporting this pool could enhance the overall user experience and make using Injective more convenient and user-friendly.

If this proposal is considered and implemented, it would undoubtedly benefit both Injective and Astroport, attracting new users and boosting overall trading activity.

Determining the necessary incentives for establishing this pool could be an open question for discussion. Perhaps the platform’s team will take community input into account when evaluating and deciding on such matters.

If possible, support your proposal and present it to the Injective and Astroport teams. Your feedback could be a key factor in their decision-making process. Best of luck, and I hope your suggestion will be heard and put into action!

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Hey @8punt6 I tend to agree with your assessment. Bridging is one of the main bottlenecks for any chain in order for it to onboard new/more assets.

Did you try to raise this issue on the Injective forum/community? I personally believe this should come from their end

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