ARC-89: Transfer ASTRO from Sei Satellite to Assembly Treasury


This proposal advocates for sending the unused ASTRO from the Sei Satellite contract back to the Assembly Treasury.


In this proposal, we advocate for Assembly to take back the ASTRO it bridged a few months ago to Sei in anticipation for Generator emissions. In the last months, the activity on the Astroport Sei deployment has been the lowest out of all Astroport satellites. In order for ASTRO rewards to make sense, we believe Sei should have significantly more activity and user engagement.

In short, the proposal’s goal is to send 10M ASTRO from the Sei Astroport Satellite to the Assembly Treasury on Terra.

Executable Message

The executable message for this proposal will be posted in about a week from now.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Yup, nothing happening on SEI