ARC-56: Fund Bounty to Finalize Metastable Pool Type


This is a follow-up proposal for ARC-47 in order to fund a bounty and finalize the implementation of the metastable pool type. The metastable pool can be used for tokens that slowly change their price over time compared to a base token (e.g stINJ-INJ) and may not be suitable in a stableswap pool.


ARC-47 proposed that the Astral Assembly deploys the metastable pool type in production. This new pool type is useful for liquid staked tokens that slowly change their price over time and for which stableswap pools may not be suitable over the long run.

This proposal is a follow-up to ARC-47. We propose to create a 80,000 ASTRO bounty (approximately $7500 at the current ASTRO price) to incentivize the community to finalize the metastable pool implementation. In order to be eligible for the bounty, a developer needs to submit an implementation that satisfies the following criteria:

  • Use this PR as a base for the final metastable pool implementation
  • Ensure the base stableswap logic is similar to the one in the vanilla stableswap implementation (besides adding the feature to account for the price divergence in one token)
  • Allow the Astroport protocol to charge swap fees for the metastable pool type similar to how it charges fees for vanilla stableswaps. This means the metastable pool will not be “virtual” like it was initially intended in the linked PR
  • Reintegrate the initial metastable pool code with the Astroport Factory and Maker
  • Full unit test coverage
  • Unit tests for swapping tokens such as stLUNA-LUNA and stINJ-INJ
  • Integration tests to ensure the Astroport Maker can swap fees using a metastable pool and that the Factory contract can be used to create new pools of this type

All submissions will be assessed by Delphi Labs. In case this proposal passes, the ASTRO allocated for this bounty will be held in escrow by this multisig until a bounty winner is found. In case no valid solution is submitted until 15th of July 2023, the ASTRO put aside for this bounty will be returned to the Astral Assembly.

Executable Message

The executable message for this proposal looks as follows:

     "wasm": {
       "execute": {
         "contract_addr": "terra12ncurr62xe93xrsh2drp4zvehj0gn32lfnshr8k0p4xfyju2knwq2qgmh2",
         "funds": []


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Fully support this plan! A great use of community pool funds.

At this point, a significant amount of Astroport’s liquidity on Terra and Injective is in LST pools, which would become much more efficient with the metastable pool type.

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