ARC-25: Dual Incentive Proposal ORNE <> LUNA



This is a proposal to add dual incentives to the ORNE<>LUNA pool on Astroport ($ORNE & $ASTRO token emissions). The purpose of this proposal is to receive feedback from the community about this idea and gather thoughts regarding the rewards before putting up a poll.


Launched on December 3rd 2021, $ORNE lets you purchase tokenized real trees represented by unique NFTs. Orne redistributes the full profit from the trees’ harvest back to you.

Basically, $ORNE is used as a store of value. For each tree NFT, 50% of the tree’s value is represented with $ORNE and is locked in a smart contract. When a tree reaches maturity and the proceeds from its sale are ready to be claimed, the token owner can burn their tree NFT in exchange for the value of the tree (in USD) converted into $ORNE.

We are currently in the process of buying land and preparing a pre-sale of our soon-to-be planted trees.

For more details around the NFT mechanics and ORNE’s tokenomics, you can check out our website and this post.


To reduce price impact and volatility for $ORNE and ensure that our store of value is not subject to price manipulation, the Orne community can provide 20 million $ORNE as LP rewards, distributed over 3 years as follows: 10 million $ORNE the first year, then 5 million $ORNE on both the second and the third year.


In order to grow the ORNE<>LUNA pool and protect the Orne protocol’s funds, we propose a dual incentive campaign involving both $ORNE and $ASTRO tokens.

We propose that the Astral Assembly provides rewards equivalent to 2000 ASTRO tokens per day (730,000 ASTRO per year).

The estimated dual rewards APR is shown below for various levels of liquidity.

Liquidity in ORNE<>LUNA pool ORNE Rewards APR Astro APR Total Reward APR
$100,000 200% 29.2% 229.2%
$500,000 40% 5.84% 45.84%
$1,000,000 20% 2.92% 22.92%

(estimated APR values assume that $ORNE = $0.02 and $ASTRO = $0.04)


Enormously interested! :star_struck:


I’d like to see the ORNE token live on Terra2 mainnet for several weeks before allocating ASTRO rewards to the pool. As I’m unsure the demand for the ORNE token justifies the proposed amount of ASTRO incentives.


I second this. I do not think we should launch incentives for tokens before they prove their demand. There’s no rush here.

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Very good proposal. The Orne token is one of the few to have supported the redesign of Terra 2 from the first moments and to have dropped the holders of the token. On terra Classic they proved that they were serious, the company is established in real life which has made it even more powerful in the world of cryptography

Hi @Luc, are there any independent audits done on the progress of “buying land” or proof of partners that you guys are working with since your launch on December 3rd 2021?

I don’t think we need to rush into providing $ASTRO incentives. We can wait until the ORNE team proves their use-case.

This proposal can be postponed until we launch our presale event and we plant our first trees, we are signin our land at the end of the month.

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I’m in favour of this!