ARC-119: Set Up ASTRO Incentives for TIA-NTRN and TIA-stTIA pools


This proposal aims to establish dual rewards contracts for the TIA-NTRN and TIA-stTIA pairs on Astroport’s Neutron deployment. The introduction of these dual rewards is designed to incentivise liquidity provision and trading activity within these pools. Additionally, the Neutron Team has committed to matching the rewards provided by Astroport, effectively doubling the incentives for participants.

Note: This proposal will transfer 420k ASTRO to the Astroport Builder Multisig on Neutron to manage the incentives. This will allow us to be flexible in the amount we incentivise over the next few months


To further enhance the liquidity and trading efficiency of the TIA-NTRN and TIA-stTIA pairs, and to support the overall growth of the Astroport ecosystem, it is proposed that dual rewards contracts be set up. These contracts will distribute rewards in NTRN provided by the Neutron team on top of the ASTRO rewards, thereby offering a compelling incentive for liquidity providers and traders.

No current indication exists regarding pool volume to be used according to the incentive framework, however, this is a strategic deployment of ASTRO incentives for potential future benefit to Astroport.

Executable Message

    "wasm": {
      "execute": {
        "contract_addr": "terra12ncurr62xe93xrsh2drp4zvehj0gn32lfnshr8k0p4xfyju2knwq2qgmh2",
        "msg": "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",
        "funds": []


By approving this proposal, the Astroport community will take a significant step towards enhancing liquidity and trading dynamics for the TIA-NTRN and TIA-stTIA pairs. The matched rewards from the Neutron Team not only double the incentives but also highlight the strong partnership and mutual support within the ecosystem.


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