Adding Liquidity Single Sided

Notably, all of Astroport’s LP’s are double-sided and require you to own both assets to deposit into a pool. I think that a great feature for astroport would be to follow Osmosis’s lead in allowing for adding liquidity single sided. I tend to find this most convenient since it allows me to enter pools with the OSMO (which is paired with every asset on the DEX). In the case of Terra, it would allow you to enter pools conveniently w/ UST or LUNA.

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Just want to make a slight correction – not all of Astroport’s LP’s are double-sided. Liquidity providers can single side LP in stableswap pools (add only one of the tokens).

This can only be done for pools that already have liquidity (not for empty pools).

You can find this in the Astroport docs: Swap Pairs - Astroport

Hey then it’s going to be nice if you can change the UI to reflect that.

Even stableswap pools tell that they are doublesided -

And even in the UI you can only add Liquidity in a doublesided way.