(DRAFT AIP) Transaction Reversal - UST Sent in Error to xAstro Contract

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On 5/29/22, as a work around for the Astroport UI not allowing staking/unstaking since Terra 2 launched, I manually interacted with the xAstro contract in 2 transactions to unstake xAstro. The transactions were successful in unstaking the xAstro, however, they also sent 81,675.660775 UST in error from my wallet directly to the xAstro contract.

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  • Problem Statement - 81,675.660775 UST was sent in error from my wallet to the xAstro contract. The error was transactional with the structure of the message that was sent, not with any bug in the Astroport smart contract itself.

  • Proposed Solution - Simply, to reverse the error, sending the 81,675.660775 UST referenced from the xAstro contract/wallet back to the wallet it was sent from.

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  • Gain consensus from the community w/enough votes to correct the transactional error and receive back UST funds sent in error to xAstro wallet.
  • (Future) Propose changes to Astroport governance framework for future transactional error remedies - to provide simpler, faster resolution of these types of issue for users that can compliment the existing AIP governance framework, which is primarily designed around heavier weight improvements/changes. Proposal to be submitted separately in a new AIP.

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  • Send/transfer 81,675.660775 UST from terra14lpnyzc9z4g3ugr4lhm8s4nle0tq8vcltkhzh7 to terra13qh84ddsemmnskx6jzzpm4plzvwcdjd04pdqhr

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A. The UST send errors are part of two separate transactions:

  1. 10 UST Sent - 81D21407F912B9A60F07ECE2920718DAB5D222F91F278EA4B95D00305425D9AD
  2. 81,665.660775 UST Sent - 541C91159BA931E1DF8755738807E1310E412BEA75835A3908BAB89890C14D4F

B. The xAstro contract where the UST was sent can be viewed here:

  1. Notice the 81,675.660775 UST under the “Coins” section. At this time, there is no other UST in the xAstro contract.
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