ARC-22: Upgrade ASTRO on Terra 1 and Change Its Name and Symbol


Update the implementation of the ASTRO token on Terra 1 and during the migration, change the token’s name to “Astroport Classic” and its symbol to “ASTROC”.


The two Astroport instances on Terra 1 & 2 each have their own distinct token called “Astroport” with the symbol “ASTRO”. This can be confusing for the community as well as for websites that track token data such as Coingecko.

This proposal aims to change the ASTRO token’s name and symbol on Terra 1 to “Astroport Classic” and “ASTROC”.


The ASTRO token on Terra 1 can be found at terra1xj49zyqrwpv5k928jwfpfy2ha668nwdgkwlrg3. The proposal message to upgrade the Terra 1 ASTRO token contract and change its name and symbol looks as follows:

    "order": "1",
    "msg": {
      "wasm": {
	      "migrate": {
	        "contract_addr": "terra1xj49zyqrwpv5k928jwfpfy2ha668nwdgkwlrg3",
	        "msg": "ewogICAgIm5hbWUiOiAiQXN0cm9wb3J0IENsYXNzaWMiLAogICAgInN5bWJvbCI6ICJBU1RST0MiCn0=",
	        "new_code_id": 5868


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


@stefan - Thank you for your input into the community. I am new to crypto, came in about a year ago, and also rode that luna tidal wave to shore. Happening before my eyes, I learned to trade in real time as I tried to buy the bottom and recover my losses. Now following along as everyone begins to rebuild. I am not a programer, rather a creative consultant in the arts and architecture. And I do respect programmers efforts in making the systems better and wanted to say Thank you! Looking forward to seeing how crypto will continue to unite the world in a whole new special way!