ARC-12: Astroport Separate UI for Limit Orders and Stop Losses


Autonomy Network Website:


Offer limit orders and stop losses for AstroPort on a separate UI with Autonomy Network. For context, Autonomy Network is a generalized automation protocol that can be used by dApps to add features such as limit orders/stop losses, automatic self liquidations, automation of recurring functions(payments, voting, etc) for DAOs, Autonomous NFTs and much more. Advanced order types for DEXes are a major focus at Autonomy. The project is live on most EVM chains, Avalanche, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon. Most recently it went live on Solana with plans to expand into a few more major chains including Terra.


In order to onboard the next wave of people into DeFi, AMMs need to provide similar tools as centralized exchanges. We think that limit orders and stop losses are here to stay and it’s just a matter of time until all DEXes adopt limits and stops either for differentiation or because of end user demand. DEXes on the EVM ecosystem have been adding these features, Pancakeswap, Apeswap, Quickswap and Sushiswap to name a few.


To meet the growing demand of DeFi on Terra, AstroPort should develop its own UI to offer advanced trading features such as limit orders and stop losses to offer flexibility to its users, while at the same time remaining relevant in the competitive DEX landscape.

Although it is very early in the Terra ecosystem, there is already community discussion on Astroport about limit orders here, a quick google search “Terra limit orders” quickly reveals many forums talking about the same features. Furthermore, projects like Miaw Trader offer limits and stops on top of TerraSwap, a clear example that showcases the general trend of DEXes offering more advanced features.


We propose to develop a separate UI built using AstroPort contracts and leveraging Autonomy Network generalized automation protocol to offer limit orders and stop losses. With a possibility of doing a native integration on AstroPort main if there is enough demand.

  1. Migrating Autonomy’s general automation contracts and infrastructure to Terra
  2. Creating use-case specific wrapper contracts for limit orders and stop losses
  3. Building a UI on top of AstroPort to offer limits and stops to test out the infrastructure and demand
  4. Native limit orders and stop losses integration on AstroPort

I think everyone is in agreement that there is strong demand for limit orders. I’m not sure how Autonomy Network works but Astroport contracts are open source and can be called by anyone.

One of the cool things about this space is that you don’t need permission to build.


Yeah I agree, the proposal was more to gage the interest of the community in having a separate UI with a possibility of a native integration down the line. Autonomy Network is a set of smart contracts on EVM chains and Solana, in order to port the infrastructure to Cosmwasm it takes some effort, so just making sure this is something the community would like.

For more information about Autonomy Netowrk and how it works -

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It’s a good idea to have multiple UIs for the AP smart contracts. Although there isn’t a consideration for this ARC, I do support this idea of building limit orders for AP contracts. :+1:

in support of this! Limit orders will add to the robustness of the platform ultimately attracting more use case , and therefore more liquidity

@caraluna thanks for jumping in here!

A few questions:

Can you provide examples of partners Autonomy has worked with in the past?

Is Autoswap only on BNB so far? Do you have plans to expand this to other chains? Seems ApeSwap and PancakeSwap are the currently supported routers.

Lastly - what resources of Astroport are required for this build?

Looking forward to learning more about the value you may add to Astroport.

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Hey fig! Thank you for the questions.

Currently live and public we have a few DEX’s, Sokuswap, Apeswap, but about to go live with a couple major DEX’s on ETH/Polygon and Solana, don’t wan’t to name them before our marketing team gets to it, but you can dm me at @cara_luna on telegram if you want to know.

AutoSwap is currently live on BSC and AVAX (there should be a dropdown where BSC is on the UI). Autonomy itself is also live on other EVM chains but they have not been added to AutoSwap yet. There are a few other products like Automation Station, Limits and Stops SDK for EVM, Automatic self liquidations for some lending protocols, Autonomous NFT’s etc.

In terms of resources, don’t need much. But some helpful resources would be to have a point of contact with someone experienced in the AstroPort dev side that can help answering some dev questions, marketing support and potentially a small bounty to officialize AstroPort support.

Hope this answers your questions, happy to talk more.

Would support this as well! There has been multiple requests for Limit Orders on Astroport in the Discord, this would be something that the community will be keen for.